About Raising Flag

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It has not been so long when the Slovak band DEAL released their debut single November played on domestic and also international radios and now they are presenting their second song called Raising Flag together with its postmodern, strongly positive music video.

Raising Flag„The song symbolizes victory and the fact that there is always a way out from every situation, even those desperate ones. To rise the flag means to find courage to do revolutionary actions that change a human in order not to be the person once used to be. This is what we wish for everybody“, says the singer Laci.

Even though the whole team takes credit for creating the video, the main idea was born in the head of our bassist Pali. He proves that the song has positive spirit: “We used more symbols that indicate it. The best example is Monika Kasáková and her dance with the flags. I think that we managed to get together a team of exceptional people. This all came true thanks to the director Michal Smoleň (Altway), as well as to the excellent eye of the cameraman Ján Varchola and his crew. (Woont).”

In spite of the fact that the music video is positive-minded, a lot of questions may arise for our fans after seeing it. „We like symbols, hidden references that reflect us, our feelings and opinions. That is why you can find more of them in the video, “says the drummer Johnny.

The song Raising Flag comes not only with the music video. The band wants to spread an idea: „You can hear in the song: „Just raise your fallen flag!“ and this is supposed to be a call for everyone who feel the need to raise their own flag, that there is always hope for improvement, if someone wants to revolt the circumstances,“ says the guitarist Peťo in conclusion.